ROADMAP for 2.11
ChangeLog for 2.11
UID solution
2.11 protocol
split tracking solution
split tracking (pl)

lusers' WISHLIST
getting rid of nicks (and channel names)
Persistant Irc Clients
demo mode
more control over channel: +x mode
reop mode
reop mode (pl)
Anonymous read-only access to ircd sources
cvs co irc
latest stable ircd release 2.11.2p3 MD5 9c635f7d25906be054932f198303fb67
ircnet ircd installation manual aka INSTALL.txt
co nowego w 2.11 (pl)

config.h (distributed with 2.10.3p5)
collection of patches to ircd
KILL path explained (updated for 2.11)
ident prefixes
STATS unleashed
format of 2.11 logfiles
how to run ircd in chroot
what are services
objaśnienia niektórych komend stats (pl)
czyje sa serwery irc (pl)

explain ircd version (351 numeric)
how ircd 2.11 interprets 2nd parameter of USER
mod_pgsql for iauth

Frequently Asked Questions about ircnet ircd
RFC 1459
RFC 2810: IRC Architecture
RFC 2811: IRC Channel Management
RFC 2812: IRC Client Protocol
RFC 2813: IRC Server Protocol
ISO-3166-1 country codes

IRC/2 Numeric List
All Servers seen from TU-Ilmenau.DE


bic-rfc or x-only version