Collection of ircd patches.

Developer sanctioned

Read: you should apply this if you still don't want to upgrade to newer version...

fdopen bug for 2.11.0
fixes nasty bug in some OSes fdopen
autoconnect for 2.10.3p7
fixes some autoconnect issues

Used on IRCnet

Using servers list and their VERSION strings sometime in mid 2008 I came up with the following list (please send me patch sources if they're not linked here):

+at (on linz/
no idea, supposedly linz+ix
+choopa (on and
same as dcu plus
patricia tree (in stock 2.11.2)
sidtrace (in stock 2.11.2)
+dcu (on
etrace (in stock 2.11.2)
spoofed host for opers
+fic for 2.11.0 (on,
emptycomments (default comment is "", not user nick)
nocommentabuse (disables comments in part/quit if user banned on channel)
W:lines (text to be sent to clients with refused (no I:, K:, too many, proxy etc) connections)
usermode to ignore "strangers"
(to be verified)
+hub (
no idea
+jp8 for 2.11.0 (on JP)
some channel names fixes to help japanese encoding
+k (on
+p65v4 (on tin.IT)
disabled LIST for clients
adds servers clustering (sharing &-chans, distributed (G)(T)KLINE, GREHASH)
hiding idle for ircops
ircops may see WHOIS on them
+p65v5 (on tiscali.IT)
supposedly same as +p65v4
+patricia (
supposedly patricia trie
+r (on *
range-based userlimits
supposedly adds SSL connections
+tj (on, javairc[2]
no idea

Obsolete, old, not seen in use anymore

linz (on
ix (on
+F (removes penalties for opers)
disables some stats for non-opers
noidle and whois notice
changes &client output
p65 v2 (on tin.IT)
adds servers clustering (sharing &-chans, distributed (G)(T)KLINE, REHASH)
CYRILLIC_REENCODING, GABBA, SPAM_FILTER (these hopefully are not used) (from pdrs7)
FORCE_MOTD and ANTI_MOTD (from pdrs7)
multiple config files included via #!include (from pdrs7)
no penalties (including no nick delay) for ircops
hiding idle for ircops
ircops see WHOIS on them
fic (on,,
fic for 2.10.3p7
emptycomments (default comment is "", not user nick), nocommentabuse (disables comments in part/quit if user banned on channel), W:lines (text to be sent to clients with refused (no I:, K:, too many, proxy etc) connections), 'AND' I: flag, usermode to ignore "strangers"
jp for 2.10.3p7 (on JP)
some channel names fixes to help japanese encoding
kp (on SI)
changes DNS and HAZH to oper only, adds noidle
hemp2 for 2.10.3p7
hemp (hell! even more patches!) collection of various patches: new commands: KLINE, TKLINE, ISUPPORT, MAP, SET, performance patch for counting u@h limits (hashing hostnames), moved some notices from &LOCAL to &NOTICES, new oper only &CLIENTS channel (showing client connects, quits, nickchanges and notice about clients doing stats), logging IP and ircname in file log, TOPICWHOTIME, I:line flags (K:line exempt and +r when no dns), split handling and disabling op during split, delayed accept, extra statistics (aka Cr patch), showing inviter to closed channel, delay close, iauth module webproxy (though poorly working), iauth reasons, iauth pid file, querying channel for current key and limit (from +fic), LIST fixes (including not disconnecting client by overflowing its sendq), notice about ALIS, NAMES speedups, sixbone hack for res.c, source IP in C:, WHOIS signon and idle, NO_OPER_TRYAGAIN, stats F, stats ?, negative port in C: for manual CONNECT 0, RESTRICT_USERNAMES,
hemp (as above) plus: notice about clients doing whois on opers, (some) STATS restricted to opers, masked (not showing oper host) in stats o, wallops disabled (not sent to +w users)
hemp + x for 2.10.3p7
hemp collection plus X:lines
X:lines for some 2.11 cvs
denies user based on realinfo
note: no longer needed, made its way to stock
hemp2 + DK+B5 for 2.10.3p7
hemp collection of patches (see above) plus DK and B5
removes TIMEDKLINES, R_LINES, disables "stats k" for users, Delays Kill-lines after rehash, adds mod_dnsbl, shows local increase and local decrease notices, changes few #defines
noos(e) aka no op on split for 2.10.3p6 (extracted from hemp for FI use)
users do not get channel ops when server is in split
pl (on PL)
note: this is for some 2.11 cvs (but not latest) and all seem to be already in cvs.
allows 2 nonalphas in usernames, adds (UN)TKLINE (not working, heh), disables stats K for users (sends notice instead with www page to browse), +F (removes penalties for opers), X:lines, allows +R from opers, oper-only &OPER channel (some DNS related and http-post notices moved here, also shows client connects and exits), some defines changed
krakow (moving away from it)
everything what pl plus: noidle (not showing opers idle), whois notice.